Success 2012

Year 2012 brought many successes: 1st and 2nd place in St. Poelten, 2nd and 3rd place in the Championship style, first place in the Star Channel, 9 cups in one weekend in Sonnehof, 1st place and another successes in the Pony ranking, the first place in the Pony league and especially the victory in the Pony rider of 2012.

Obrorig Styl Sampionat 2012 I A Iii Misto 45
Obr Pony Liga 2012 I Misto 40
Obr Pony Zebricek 2012 1 2 5 Misto 42
Obr Oblastni Mistrovstvi 2012 I Misto 36
Obrcl Mcr 2012 Pohar Nadeji 3 Misto 23 34
Obrorig Channel Star 2012 I Misto 44
Obrorig Oblastni Mistrovstvi I Misto 41
Obrorig Ostereichiche Pony Schampoinschip 2012 Ii Misto 37
Obrorig Pohar Primatora Prahy 2012 I A Iii Misto 38
Obrorig Sonnenhof 9 Poharu Za Vikend 43
Obrorig St Polten I A Iii Misto 46
Obrorig Usmev 47